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GCHQ – guarding my safety or invading my privacy?

My concerns are that too much is kept secret and what is retained and shared is unknown. That said it is likely a lot of the detection or scanning is being done by algorithms and the storage process is a highly reduced meta data given the impossible demand copies would create. I think it needs to be policed more openly and fewer secrets should be kept.

More importantly people should appreciate that as soon as a thought leaves their body as a text, speech, drawing or other it is no longer private. But you have a number of tools and ways to make it anonymous.


The answer is "Yes". The value of privacy is an ever changing asset and I expect it will be given away more and more over time but I do not feel the current invasive strategies are a good means of detecting and preventing crime. Though the tools for profiling suspects is a good application but mass surveillance in a world of growing exchange I think is unsustainable.


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